Use Wafi to lower processing fees and grow your business profitably.


Increase profitability

Our processing fees for bank and card payments are lower than accepting traditional debit and credit cards and other payment methods. Every time your customers pay with Wafi, you lower your payment processing fees.

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boost checkout rate

Customers pay with one click

Wafi is an easier way to accept payments compared to traditional credit and debit cards and other payment methods. Customers do not need to spend time looking for their wallet or trying to find the right way to pay. Customers save their payment information securely within the Wafi Wallet and pay easily anywhere with one click. Our proprietary identity verification technology keeps customer data safe and gives them payment speed and convenience.


increase customer loyalty

Get access to AI driven growth tools

Customers love deals and promotions. In fact 85% of customers are more likely to pay when cash back is offered at checkout. Wafi lets you create cash back promotions and turn one time customers into loyal customers while also attracting new ones. Once you create a promotion the Wafi growth AI goes to work to make sure the right customers see the promotion and take action.


Easily manage refunds and returns

Full compliance built in

With Wafi you can issue refunds using the Wafi Dashboard or via API. Whatever you choose, the process is simple and easy.

accept payments for subscriptions

Wafi easily handles one-time and recurring payments

With Wafi you can easily create and manage subscriptions using our developer friendly APIs or one of our no code solutions. Create subscriptions that start on a future date to support trial periods and easily update subscription amounts to support price increases, discounts and promotions.


Best in class security

Accepting Wafi is more secure than accepting traditional credit and debit cards. Customers are required to authenticate with a pin and one-time password (OTP) especially when their identity or device is unknown. This helps reduce payment fraud and helps you lower fraudulent chargebacks.