Bank Payments API, Settles in 15 Seconds or less.

Wafi gives you a single, Restful API to send and receive bank payments in seconds instead of days. Wafi automatically handles all payment complexities and optimizes for speed, cost and risk.
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Increase payment certainty and reduce cost

successful payment

Move Cash

Wafi's smart payment routing technology automatically moves cash using the most effective payment rail and gives you cost savings as a result.
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WaFI Checkout enables you to add a pay with Wafi button to your website or app checkout page so that your customers can pay you using their bank account.
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Instant payment

Cash movement made super efficient

Smart payment routing between RTP, ACH and Card
Low risk cash movement that scales
Automatic or custom payment optimization
Payment flow customizations that fits your use case
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Simple Wafi Connect UI to accept payments easily
Pin enabled checkout for speed and security
Open payment network that scales overtime
Risk free payment processing with certainty
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