Everything you need to process bank payments in one simple restful API.


A fast, secure and low cost way to accept bank payments from your customers.

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A simple way to build your own unique bank payment experience powered by Wafi.

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An easy way to verify your customer's bank information in order to confidently process their payments.


the future of payments is here

Get instant access to the Real Time Payment network.

Our API and webhook enables you to send Real Time Payments (RTP) requests and receive settlement responses in 15 seconds or less.


Reduce payment processing fees by 50% or more.

Start accepting bank payments with Wafi and reduce your payment processing fees by at least 50%. Use the savings to grow your business.

Reliable and stable platform

Reduce payment failures.

Wafi is built-in with automated workflows that help you reduce payment failures. Our smart fall back technology automatically handles multiple payment failure scenarios.

secured with bank grade encryption

Lower fraud

Wafi comes packed with tools and features that help you reduce fraud. Our smart 2FA solution ensures that people paying with Wafi are known. Our proprietary fraud detection technology also enables us to automatically detect and reduce fraudulent transactions.

all the magic in one place

All you need to power bank payments.

With Wafi you get all the tools you need to process both one time and recurring bank payments successfully in one simple API.

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