create gift cards and start selling with a few clicks

You can create a digital gift card directly from your Wafi Dashboard account with only a few clicks. Wafi lets you customize your gift card to include your brand colors, logo and lifestyle images to attract users. You can run your offer for a limited time as a one time offer or a recurring offer.



Customers can purchase gift cards directly in their Wafi Wallet to fund their future purchase

Customers can discover and purchase your digital gift cards directly from their Wafi Wallet account. Upon purchase, credit is added to your dedicated wallet within the Wafi Wallet so that customers can use it the next time they shop from you.

Automatic redemption

At Checkout Wafi automatically applies any Wallet balance to transactions

Wafi automatically applies any credit a customer has acquired to their purchase. This means that a customer with a credit from your store will automatically pay with the credit instead of their bank or credit card.


Wafi automatically handles refunds and cancellations

We understand that refunds and cancellations can happen this is why we handle them for you. If a customer cancels or gets a refund for an order, Wafi automatically credits their Wafi Wallet with the appropriate amount making sure that you do not have to worry about this and can also retain the customer's business.

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Sustain business growth

Wafi automatically promotes digital gift card offers to drive sales

Once you launch a digital card offer, Wafi's growth AI automatically goes to work promoting the offer to the most relevant customers to help you drive sales. We leverage multiple channels including in-app notifications, email, paid ads and physical mail.

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