One click payment for any app or website

Wafi Express Checkout is an easy way for people to pay within your app or website with one click. Add a Wafi Button anywhere on your website or app, and when users click on it, payment is initiated instantly. Wafi automatically handles taxes, shipping fees, and shipping method selection for a much more simplified user experience that helps you increase checkout rate.

Checkout is much simpler

A simple user experience for users

Accepting Wafi is simpler and faster than traditional credit and debit cards. Customers do not need to spend time looking for their wallet or trying to find the right way to pay. Customers saves their payment information securely within the Wafi Wallet so that they can pay easily anywhere. With Express Checkout, customers within your app or website can checkout with one click.

Get started for free

get payment speed and efficiency

Boost checkout rate by double digits

With Express Checkout, the payment journey can start from anywhere on your app or website. Once a customer clicks on the Wafi Button, Wafi automatically handles shipping, taxes and shipping method selections.


Accelerate your profitability

Make Wafi the default payment method

Every time customers pay with Wafi, your costs reduce and your business becomes more profitable. Nudge customers to pay with Wafi by making it the default payment option. 84% of customers never change the default payment method.

Payment confirmations and receipts

An end to end delightful user experience

We've thought about the user experience from start to finish. When customers pay with Wafi, they automatically get payment confirmations and a receipt with your brand, making sure there are no unpleasant surprises.

ACCESS ai driven growth tools

Drive profitable growth with Wafi

Customers love deals and promotions. In fact 85% of customers are more likely to pay when cash back is offered at checkout. Wafi lets you create cash back promotions and turn one time customers into loyal customers while also attracting new ones. Once you create a promotion the Wafi growth AI goes to work to make sure the right customers see the promotion and take action.


boost business profits

Users earn cash back when they pay with Wafi

Wafi encourages users to pay with their bank account instead of a credit card by giving them a chance to earn Wafi sponsored cash back rewards. This keeps customers away from debt and lowers your processing fees. Users earn Wafi sponsored cash back rewards every time they choose to pay with their bank.

POWER recurring and one-time payments

Wafi seamlessly handles one time and recurring payments

Wafi seamlessly handles one time and recurring payments. When customers make recurring payments, Wafi automatically sends them an invoice with your brand, sends payment reminders, notifies you and your customers if a payment fails and sends payment receipts efficiently.


Wafi keeps customer data secure always

Accepting Wafi is more secure than accepting traditional credit and debit cards. Every payment is analyzed with a machine learning model and users are required to enter one time password when paying with an unknown device. Wafi also never shares bank or card data so that you are never handling sensitive data.