Unlock smart, fast and secure bank payments with Wafi Pay

Next gen payment processing

Best in class payment processing

Wafi optimizes payments using many variables including time of day, cost, risk and speed in order to ensure a smooth payment experience.

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Instant money movement with RTP

24/7/365 Instant money Movement via RTP

Always present money movement with multiple payment rails including RTP which enables payment settlement in 15 seconds or less.



Bring your own bank

No need to change your bank to work with us. Wafi has a smart wallet product that enables seamless money movement from your bank to your Wafi Wallet and to your customer's bank and vice versa.


Simple integration

Our API docs written in developer friendly language includes a step by step integration guide to help you get up and running fast. If that's not enough, we are only an email or Slack message away to help you every step of the way.


Easy onboarding

Our goal is to get you up and running fast. You can sign up and start testing Wafi with no help and while you're testing, we'll verify your account and get you setup to go live.


smart and reliable payment processing

Smart money movement

Processing bank payments is no easy task. This is why Wafi comes built in with proprietary tools that help things run efficiently. You can depend on Wafi to help optimize payments for risk, speed and cost.

compliance as a service

Full compliance built in

Wafi comes built in with full compliance tools to make sure you can focus on running your business. You can depend on Wafi to handle AML, KYC and KYB to ensure payment compliance.

recurring and one time payments

Handles one time and recurring payments

Whether it is a one time payment or recurring payment, we got you. Send and receive one time and recurring payments using a single API.

optimized payments

Automatic Payment Optimization

Wafi is always optimizing for the best way to settle payments.