Wafi is an easy way to pay with your bank and earn cash back every time

Choose Wafi at checkout and get cash backs, exclusive promotions and rewards every time you pay.

A delightful user experience

Pay everywhere with single click checkout

Wafi enables you to pay securely with a single click. Once your bank account is connected to Wafi, just tap the Pay With Wafi button at checkout to pay with a single click.

No interest payments

There are no interest payments to worry about when you pay with Wafi because you are spending your own money.


No late fees

There are no late fees to worry about when you pay with Wafi. Wafi enables you to pay securely with your bank account everywhere.


Earn cash backs

Paying with Wafi enables you to earn cash back on every transaction. You no longer have to take on credit card debt to enjoy cash back rewards.


No spending limits

There are no spending limits. As long as you have the money in your bank account, you can spend it using Wafi.


Cash back are forever

Cash back rewards never expire, you can save them and put the money towards a big purchase or vacation or whatever else you desire.


No category limits

Earn unlimited cash backs on all spending categories. As long as Wafi is getting paid, you are getting paid.

Secure payments

End to end security every time you pay

Wafi protects your data at rest and in transit with bank grade encryption, and our smart multi factor authentication technology ensures that you stay safe whenever you pay with your bank account.

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